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2-4 Feb 2022 Troyes (France)

Thank you for your participation

PubliER 2022 was held online from 2 to 4 February 2022. The whole organising team would like to thank the participants for their active participation in the workshops, review sessions, discussions and brain gym (we took some pictures of this last activity).

The benevolent spirit that reigned during these 3 days allowed scientists to exchange on interdisciplinary research practices, on how to think differently about research, and to gain relevance on scientific productions.

The photos of the workshop will soon be available, as well as the different documents we shared together.

PubliER 2022

The concept of this workshop is to peer a selection of authors of the ‘best papers’, presented during international conferences in different disciplines, with top-quality editors from international scientific journals. During the three days of the workshop, the researchers will participate of tailored advising sessions and other activities guided by the panel of editors. That process will enable the researchers to better previously written papers and end with a top-quality product. The early researchers will also participate as peer reviewers for at least other two proposed papers participating in the workshop. 

The participants will develop a “know-how” on scientific writing and publishing enabling them to communicate highly relevant content on the most pertinent international journals. Both, early researchers and editors, will benefit of the space created by the workshop to share ideas, discuss, and expand their professional network in a pluri-disciplinary environment.

Why participating?

If you are reading this website, it is because you are already interested in participating in PubliER 2022.

If you are an early researcher*, you have written a paper, and you want to publish it in one of the top journals of your field of study, this is your kind of event! With the personalised help of expert editors from top scientific journals, you will be refining and polishing your article to make it irresistible to publish!

If you are an editor, this convivial moment will allow you to share your expertise with dynamic researchers. With your guidance, they can develop the best possible papers that will lead the research on their field studies. Also, this is an opportunity to discover themes that can interest you for the future editions of your journal!



*"Early researcher" (or early stage researcher) has no clear definition. We consider an early stage researcher as someone who is within eight years of the award of the PhD. You can contact us for more information.


Previous events

Discover the previous edition of PubliER 2020 clicking here. Click here to learn about one of the events that inspired us to create PubliER as a bi-annual workshop. You can find more information about us and the objectives behind PubliER by clicking here.

Next important deadline

Deadline for submission of papers: September 15th, 2021

New deadline: 1st October, 2021

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